Bye-bye cabling with wireless solutions from Ruckus

In order to serve increasing mobile communication demands of your employees, customers or guests, fast and reliable Wi-Fi systems are required. A corporate WLAN requires detailed planning to achieve the availability and stability of wired-based solutions.

Ruckus offers a unique wireless technology. The Ruckus access points feature patented adaptive BeamFlex+ antenna technology that guarantees an optimized connection for all devices and services. This antenna system is able to minimize radio interference and noise as well as optimize network performance depending usage, coverage and service types.

The result:

  • Better performance and higher range
  • Clearer video and voice transmission
  • Maximize efficiency depending on services (voice, image streaming, downloads etc.)

Would you like to find out if your WLAN installation still meets today's requirements?

We are glad to measure and analyze your current Wi-Fi signal level and establish an updated state-of-art WLAN concept and an offer based on your mobile communication requirements and room conditions.

Contact our team today at 052 235 19 19 or to arrange an appointment for a demonstration in your company.

WLAN solution for SMBs

For small and medium-sized businesses, fast, reliable Wi-Fi is just as important as it is for large companies. Due to limitations in budget and resources, it becomes crucial to create and implement a simple wireless solution as well as minimize the maintenance effort.

A corporate WLAN design should consider guests, customers and business partners access. A user or group of users may not impact critical areas of the network. In addition, seamless monitoring and maintenance are required in order to guarantee the availability of the service. With Ruckus all maintenance aspects such as WLAN performance, reliability and scalability are considered at a fraction of the cost of traditional wireless solutions.

WLAN solution for educational environments

High-quality Wi-Fi solutions have become important in the area of education. Such a WLAN solution must conveniently accommodate students and teachers. Deployment, usage and manageability should be easy and efficient. Often just a few IT specialists and a limited budget are available - an optimal price-performance ratio is imperative. Another challenge is the high density of users, for example in classrooms and lecture halls. Various WiFi-enabled devices access the wireless network simultaneously. With Ruckus, you can easily migrate wireless structures to higher capacity and density, at lower total cost.

WLAN solution for health care

Digitization does not stop at hospitals and nursing homes either. Wi-Fi is more than a comfort technology for hospitals, it has become an absolute necessity. Wireless VoIP telephony must be reliable even with concrete, metal panels or shielded walls. Employees need access to highly sensitive electronic patient records via tablet or notebook from anywhere (keyword "Mobile patient record"). In addition, more and more medical devices connect to each other via WiFi to provide real-time monitoring, accurate localization, and patient-centric workflows. The stability and security of the wireless network has the highest priority.

Benefit from various advantages in your clinic: (environment/business) 

  • efficient medical therapies due to faster data access
  • faster internal communication and reliable
  • cost-effective WLAN services for patients and visitors 

With Ruckus solutions, you save costs and gain time for the essentials - your patients.

WLAN solution for hotel and hospitality industry

In addition to a perfect service, a reliable & interruption-free WLAN quality is crucial for the satisfaction of your guests and an important aspect for selection and booking. Hotel guests often access the Internet simultaneously with multiple devices (PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet). These demands require a stable and high-performance bandwidth, in order to serve several hundred devices simultaneously with reliable WLAN service. A strict logical separation of public (guest WLAN) and private areas is also essential for the security of your corporate data.