Professional services for all your IT requirements

Benefit from our over 20 years of experience in supporting and installing IT systems with Microsoft, VMware, Veeam, NetApp and Azure

Consulting Services

Benefit from the experience of our engineers of the various already implemented solutions from the integration business. To our clients, our consulting team will not propose theoretical solutions that only work on paper but best-practice solutions that have proven that they work in practice and meet the previously defined requirements.
The following projects are part of our daily business:
  • IT strategy, evaluation and lifecycle management of your hardware
  • Increasing data volumes are a major challenge for IT - a project on data management addresses this
  • Sustained cost reduction and, at the same time, optimize the business processes of IT
  • Documentation of infrastructure environments
  • Optimization projects to solve existing weaknesses
  • Qualitatively good concepts for your data storage and a smooth operation of their infrastructure
AGBIA - Your strong Team for your IT

Cloud Services

With the AGIBA hosting label MySwissCloud, we have created a secure and flexible solution for a cloud. Our infrastructure runs with the latest technologies from NetApp and HPE, software from VMware, Veeam, Barracuda and Microsoft.
Our Cloud offer can be adapted to your individual requirements.
The standard solutions includes:

  • DaaS - Desktop as a Service (your desktop in the cloud)
  • IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service (your servers in the cloud)
  • HEX - Hosted Exchange (email access from our cloud)
  • BaaS - Backup as a Service mit Veeam in die Cloud (no tape drive needed)
  • MyCloudBox - Sharing your Files as with Dropbox
  • Client Hardware Miete (you do not buy devices you are going to rent these)
  • DCaaS - DataCenter as a Service (rackspace and power in a Swiss Datacenter)
MySwissCloud - cloud your IT (

Security Services

As diverse as networks are, the possibilities of access to a network are as diverse. Network security is not a single fixed term, but encompasses a lot of subareas. As networking of the Internet continues to grow, the issue of network security also plays an increasingly important role. The infrastructures of companies become more complex, more and more information must be available online at all times. Network security is never a fixed state, but something that has to evolve with the requirements.

What is IT Security?

IT security includes all endangered and therefore protective devices, systems and persons. These include, inter alia, Buildings, networks, hardware and software as well as the people who work on the systems and get in touch with them. The goal of IT security is to ensure the availability and protection of systems and data so that unauthorized users can not access your files and keep the files confidential during the transfer. The aim is to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the data.

We offer you:

  • Analysis and elaboration of security measures in your IT environment
  • Professional security management in the network area
  • Verify security-critical points in the network
  • Installation and monitoring of security solutions
  • Use of an audit and governance platform, which enables seamless traceability and control over changes, configurations and access rights
AGIBA - Your IT in secure hands

Storage and Data Management

AGIBA is the gold partner of storage provider NetApp, whose products are among the most powerful and versatile appliances on the market. Gartner is the leader in the Magic Quadrant for NAS (Network Attached Storage) solutions for small and mid-sized businesses and large enterprises. NetApp's Fabric-Attached Storage (FAS) systems are characterized by integrated virtualization technologies and a broad range of applications: NetApp Storage products, also known as NetApp Filers, are ideal for both NAS and SAN environments, as primary or secondary storage, backup and archiving solutions.

EEfficiency of the systems

By using NetApp Storage products, you can significantly reduce your storage requirements. The devices of the FAS series bundle a number of optimization technologies such as deduplication, storage virtualization and snapshots. This reduces storage requirements by an average of approximately 50 percent. Added to this are a series of downstream savings such as shortened backup times and decreasing energy costs.

AGIBA - We organize your data

Workplace and Network Managagement

We provide solutions, support and maintenance for your IT infrastructure:

  • On the most up-to-date state of the information technology trained team with foresight and experience
  • Setup of IT workstations, servers, networks, firewalls, backup and archive solutions
  • Individual consulting for workplace management (PCs and servers)
  • Aufbau und Installation von Netzwerklösungen
  • Netzwerkausbau und Erweiterungen von bestehenden Lösungen
  • Netzwerklösungen für heterogene IT-Umgebungen (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Verkauf von Hard- und Software, Service und Reparatur
  • Support bei Netzwerk-, Hard- und Software-Fragen
  • Wartung sämtlicher Infrastruktur als Investitionsschutz

We guarantee you:

  • Fast availability (personnel and product-related)
  • Competent advice on new acquisitions
  • Good service on peripherals, PCs and servers
  • Confidential handling of your concerns
  • Hotline during office hours
  • Responsibility: from consulting to installation and the entire life cycle of the system
AGIBA - we are here for you!

Voice over IP

With the announced shutdown of ISDN telephony by Swisscom at the end of 2017, we were also able to specialize in suitable solutions for future IP telephony.

PBX with Swyx! It Software and Business Trunk

A new telephone system with the software Swyx! It will be installed on your server. This covers all requirements for SMEs and larger companies. With the CTI client (software) on the computer, employees have an easy solution for daily telephony.

Expand existing telephone system to IP capability

Your existing telephone system will be converted to VoIP and can thus continue to operate. In addition, a trunk subscription must be solved.

Virtual telephone system in the cloud

The telephone system is operated virtually in the cloud. You do not need a physical telephone system in your office. The phones need to be replaced with this solution.

ERP Solutions

The use of ERP solutions has long been a matter of course for large companies. For small and medium-sized Swiss companies too, a software that electronically records and centrally controls all processes is becoming more and more important for economic success.
PROFFIX is a commercial solution for Swiss SMEs, which can be installed locally at the customer, as well as from the MySwissCloud. PROFFIX can either be bought once or ordered with an attractive rental model, whereby the already paid rental costs will be charged to you later.
The AGIBA IT Services AG supports you extensively in the conception, planning, realization and support of PROFFIX. The AGIBA is PROFFIX Primus Partner.

Main modules:

  • Address management
  • Warehouse management
  • Processing
  • Accounts receivable, accounts payable, and financial accounting
  • Payroll accounting
Additional modules:

  • Service management
  • Purchasing management
  • Price management
  • Commission management
  • CRM
  • Resource management
  • Webshop
  • Time management
AGIBA - With us you have your processes under control!